are grilling now? Let’s try it first. Look at this grill.” The taste of the meat skewers is exactly what we are, and we know what we baked.” Zhang Yuyu’s eyes are not looking at Sumi’s hand. The meat skewers look really good. How can it be so fragrant? what? At first glance, the salty and spicy foods are all occupied, and it is definitely fun to eat into the mouth! “Almost, I will turn a few more. The middle ten is almost the same. You can see how it looks.” Sumi looked at the skewer for a while, and felt that the biggest fire in the middle was almost the same. Said to everyone. Zhang Yuyu quickly started, first gave a bunch of blossoming Zhizhi, and then took one for Zhang and Guo, and finally it was himself. “Mother, Dad, you should be careful when you both eat this sign. This iron bra is really a little sharp, and it is very difficult to tie it.” Zhang Yuyu glared at Zhang and Guo. “Well, you will eat you. We don’t have to worry about you, we are not children, we can still eat things. I don’t know if I don’t know if the depth is awkward?” Zhang’s heart was used, but he still deliberately said this. “Sister, you talk about this child, now it seems that both of us have adjusted one. I will talk about me for a while, don’t let me do this, don’t let me, I can’t make it up.” Children’s filial piety for the elderly That is the top thing to be proud of. This will be the story of Zhang’s words and Guo’s words, but anyone can listen to it. This is to show off. Guo’s two words followed the two people before they started eating the meat skewers. At this time, Zhang Yuyu had already eaten the meat skewers with two children, and there was no trace of pork. . Cheng Zhi and Zhang Yuyu are still ok, this will have a spice that has been smeared on the iron. It is clean and tidy. Because Sumi said that there are more than a dozen strings that can be eaten, Zhang Yuyu took five strings, and the rest is six or seven strings. The big ones got two strings, and the remaining strings were clouded. People give it a share. “This t