left, the cave collapsed instantly. There is no doubt that if the three parties only delay a small meeting, they will be buried directly by the stones. An hour later, the wave of crawling species faded, and when everyone got out of danger, Xia Yiqi quietly approached the candle, and whispered: “Seed to me.” Xin Wen quietly nodded, and handed the serum to Xia Yi. The latter took the serum and took the serum at the fastest rate, putting a shot on the arm of the candle. When I saw the pulse of the injection of the scented candle in the serum, I was relieved when I was in the summer, and I dropped the syringe into the ruins. All this is quiet, just like the Mafia connector in the movie, naturally and inconspicuous. The person walking in front did not notice everything that happened in the back. He still said in his mouth that he did not know the language of any country, and even the siri translation could not keep up with his speed. After talking for a long time, the three people in the rear were in a low-sounding atmosphere. The man didn’t feel embarrassed. The dark poke was close to Xia Yi and he said a long sentence. Xia Yi did not hear the siri translation, and looked back. At this time, the road was getting wider and wider, and there was a faint light in the front. Xia Yihui finally saw the other side’s little face. Unlike the guess of the ‘youth’, this person is obviously younger, and the scorpion is still a male duck in the changing period. Under the faint light, his outline is also very deep. The high nose and the large parallel double eyelids of European and American characteristics. The scorpion is light olive green, the skin color is very white, and the white color is in sharp contrast with the dirt on the face. It looks like black and white. Chocolatey. From the face, this person looks a bit familiar, but Xia Yi did not care. Anyway, the face of a foreigner is almost the same as he looks, it is difficult to distinguish. The average person is consciously shut up at this time, but this olive-green-eyed for