litary account, and the torches were randomly arranged, and the noise rushed to the sky. However, the Liangshan army scolded as a civil servant and mixed into the Zhangzhou army. The fire and thunder bombs that had been counted were thrown into the military account area and covered up. This is the time until the evening has arrived, and they have exploded. It is so moving. The so-called fire thunderbolt is gunpowder, but there is arson and other arson between the inner tank and the outer shell. You can use a fire rope or a burning incense. Today’s ignition is to burn incense, calculate the time, hide the squid ball of the size of the cake in the corner of the tent, it is really difficult to be found. Such a fierce explosion at night, not only ignited a fire, but also called the Chuzhou army panic. Outside the camp, Lu Junyi and Deng Fei took the opportunity to lead Ma Jun. Originally, Deng Fei still wanted to wait another day, but Lu Junyi decided to launch a surprise attack tonight. The reason is that he did not want to go to Song Gongming, but Lu Junyi determined that the Zhangzhou army had no war, and there would be no fighting spirit. If you sneak into the camp tonight, you will succeed. The assault in the day called Lu Junyi to look down on the Zhangzhou Army to the mud. Compared with the Liangshan Army, the Zhangzhou Army was a pile of mud that could not be supported on the wall. Song Jiangma rushed to the city, not only him, but also the head of the city of Zhangzhou, who went to the city to watch, or sent a relative to inquire. Song Jun’s camp was full of noise, and it also ignited a fire, and in the distant night, the horn sounded. The characters in Zhangzhou have faced each other. The night is very dark, it is difficult for the naked eye to see the following reality, but the official army camp has a fire, or can barely see: “is a cavalry!” Liang Shanbo’s cavalry. They have broken the small village outside the official army and rushed into the Zhangzhou Army Camp. Hundreds of even more cavalry rushed in