I was accused of the wrong road. I don’t know how to die. Despite this, Xia Yiyi was polite and thanked him for stopping for a rest. I don’t know if it is a coincidence or a reason. This stop really has a turning point. Within 5 minutes, there was a crying sound on the right side. “Hey…hey…hee…” This person seems to have encountered an urgent situation, crying very quickly, almost one after another, can not hear is male or female, but very rhythm sense. There was a campus that was a bit of a depression, and it was even more bizarre because of this cry. “Someone is crying?” The look of Xia Yihui was strange. Follow the voice to the roadside, there is a clear diaphragm inside and outside the road. The fog in the road is light gray, although the road ahead is not clear, but you can see some outlines when you look closely, but the road is another look. The fog was so chilly that I tried to stretch my legs out of the road in the summer. It can be clearly seen that the legs inside the road can clearly recognize the shape, but the legs outside the road are completely covered by fog. If he didn’t look carefully, he thought that his half leg had disappeared directly. Seeing this scene, the audience’s small heart was frightened to varying degrees. “Oh, crying is definitely not a good thing, don’t you look at it in the past?” “In summer and summer, you have to calm down. If you go out of this road, you basically become “The scorpion!” “The black fog outside is too strange. It can almost be said that it is not reaching the five fingers. Hey, this crying is also full of misunderstanding, afraid of it.” “The haunted campus heard crying, how Look at how dangerous, or don’t go 555555555” “The barrage is all about it, it’s hard to come up with something different. Do you want the anchor to finish this first round of gambling in the dark fog?” Xia Yihui puts the yellow wild grass in his hand. Yingying’s shimmer can at least illuminate a little road under his feet. The last barrage is right. From the beginning, the game reve