r Diana, the girl. “Diana, try not to hit Hardfield’s captain Newstar, he is also a golfer, but the experience is much richer than you, you need to play your advantage, you are the key to the game, find the Golden Snitch End the game, so you must find the golden snitch as soon as possible. Newstar is very powerful, highly skilled flying, very flexible, he sometimes assists the chasing player to attack, the rules allow, so this is your only chance, When he helps his teammates, you can quickly catch the golden snitch, but don’t let him notice this, he is very fast…” Polk talks to the new finder Diana He knew that Newstar, Diana listened to the paler face, the first time she encountered a strong opponent, she could not stop nervous. Especially in Polk’s view, Hufflepuff’s Newstar is very powerful, so he wants to let Diana know more about Newstar and keep talking about the greatness of Newstar. But this method will only be counterproductive, but Diana will become less and less confident. “Hey, Polk, you should stop your mouth, Diana is going to be told you are not going to play, give her a little confidence?” James couldn’t help but say. Polk reacted and realized that Diana was on the first game and said that it was useless. She quickly changed her mind: “It doesn’t matter, the first game doesn’t have to be too stressful, so look for the golden snitch.” But spoke by Polk A word of arrogance, Diana blamed without pressure! The whistle sounded outside, all the players were riding the broomstick, and Moline saw Diana tremble slightly. He couldn’t help but want to be on the game, and he would be stunned by Polk. James stood next to Diana, squinted his eyes and said, “Hey, Diana, don’t be nervous, I and Albus will protect you. That Newstar will use the ball to deal with him. Guaranteed that he couldn’t touch the golden snitch, how about going to have a meal together at night?” Diana looked at James, and she barely smiled. “James, now is not about when girls go out to eat!” Polk scolded. James snorted: “I don’t underst