ave to eat enough to sleep. I am sorry to ask the son to take me to the kitchen. I will also see if I am missing. What ingredients are seasoning.” Sumi said politely. “Su girl said this is a misunderstanding. I haven’t thanked Su for coming to help me. If you are a Su girl, I really don’t know what to do. This is just a breakfast, so Sue girl must I want to show my face.” Sumi did not expect that he had already said this, but Liu Ruofu still insisted. “The son, this girl has already eaten, why should the son be reluctant? The food is afraid that it is already cold, the son goes in for dinner, the slaves take the girl to the kitchen first?” One does not know what When I touched the hoe of Liu Ruofu, I suddenly came out and said. Sumi took a closer look, this hoe should be higher than the gimmicks standing at the door. Wearing a brocade, the scorpion is also gold, although her attitude with Liu Ruofu is also very respectful, but Sumi always feels that there is a little spoiled composition. I want to come, this gimmick should be a big girl, and maybe even a room. Liu Ruofu looked back at the flowing bamboo, and some were unhappy. This gimmick is like Sumi’s guess, and Liu Ruofu has had a joy of fish and water. However, Liu Ruofu had no intention of getting into the room for half a minute, but he gave him a face and made a big girl. It is better to eat and wear than usual in the weekdays. Liu Zhu did not dare to look at Liu Ruofu, and immediately bowed his head. “Su girl…” Liu Ruofu still wants to talk, but Sumi has already said it in the words of Liuzhu. “So good, thank you very much for this sister.” Sumi glanced at Liu Ruofu, who was gloomy and gloomy. He quickly added another sentence: “Weirdly said what kind of masters are there, Liu Gongzi is so easy to understand and understand, and the people under his hand are also the same, and the younger sister looks like a flowery face, I look happy.” Hearing Sumi said, Liu Zhu looked at Liu Ruofu with a shy look. The hostility to Sumi has dissipated a lot. Liu Ruof