d his guilt, not giving Zhao Wei to him. When Zhang Qing met with anger, he only managed to attack the past and ignored it. It was already in Dali. Luo Xiong Department is only one of the thirty-seven parts of Wudong Wu Man, how to resist the Zhang Qing soldiers and horses? The defeat was not killed in two days. The people of Luo Xiong Department also fought hard. Although the military was simple and reliable, it was only the Zhangnan’s rate of the guards of the Lingnan city, and he could resist it. However, Zhang Qing’s men have already had more than one thousand Jane, Zou Runjun and Baiqi. How can the latter two not be good at mountain killing? Luo Momo, who could not resist, only took Zhao Wei and his party to go straight to the good explanation. If so, a sudden war broke out between Dali and Lu Qi. Shan Shuo Fu is the territory of Gao Taiming’s three sons, Gao Ming and Qing. In 1096 (Song Shaosheng three years), Gao Shengtai died two years ago, and his son Gao Taiming held the former Dali’s brother Duan Zhengming’s younger brother, Duan Zhengxuan, as the king. After Duan’s resumption of the throne, the real power was in the hands of Gao. Gao Taiming was in charge of the Gao family. The separatist situation of the Bai feudal lords has become more and more serious. After Duan’s restoration of the throne, Gao’s hereditary cloth was called “Chinese public”, and the decree was out of the door. The Duan’s king only had a virtual position. After Gao Taiming suppressed the rebellion of Qidong Wuman, Gao’s rights were even more limitless. Gao Taiming actively supports the development of his family’s branch strength, and divides his sons into various places, so that they can play the role of “Kwai Neng Weizu” in various regions. That is to say, the Gao’s branch, the small ancestry, and the large associations are connected to maintain the fundamental interests of the bulk. The solution is that Gao Taiming will divide his family as far as possible into the areas where the Bai population is large and the econo

hink about it – the reason why the two sides started the war is because Cao Guoxian violated the interests of the Central Plains empire, and it was the motherland headed by Cao Guo that first challenged their home country. People are short-sighted and blind. With a little guidance, public opinion will be formed, and it will last for thousands of years. This kind of war is not a taste. Of course, cruel wars and huge casualties, the damage will be applied to each other. On the Chinese side, war damage is not easy to be smoothed out. Even Tai Kangdi can’t violate this rule. That would really leave a lot of trouble. The purpose of the war is how high it is, and ultimately it is necessary to draw the rights and wealth of the losers. The conflict of interests is unforgettable! However, under the guidance of their own newspapers, under the stimulation of interests, everyone in the Central Plains will clearly recognize the benefits of this war. Everyone thinks that this war is “correct.” These benefits naturally fall more in the hands of the royal family, the nobility, and the big capitalists, but the benefits that flow out of their fingers also make the people full of food and drink. And this will make the loser more difficult to accept. Such entanglement, the scars left may not be able to heal for generations. Fortunately, Cao Guo did not do this. The Cao Jun Alliance played hard not to be strong. They used their own tenacity and strength to use the sacred blood of the sea to drag the success of this war to the third year. But in the end, I still couldn’t stand the punch of Lu Qi’s power. In that battle, a battalion went up, and in a few hours, it was directly emptied. A teacher pulled up in the morning and could not move in the afternoon. Faced with each other’s strong fort and defense, the value of human life is so low. – On the position between the two armies, a broken body, blood-colored muscles, white fat, pale broken bones, even pale yellow brain, corpses everywhere. Cao Guo couldn’t hold it anymore, and they

ver, in essence, the money and grain were tightly tied to the Western Army, and the days passed were very difficult. Being able to go to the Central Plains to rebel, for the Western Army, it seems to be going to swim in Jinshan Yinhai, it is not to kill the good intentions, robbing the people, and going back and forth can also be covered with a layer of gold. Silver is not? Since you can’t fight with the enemy, it’s a good choice to send a fortune. Therefore, a letter was quickly sent to the hands of Tong Guan. The special envoy of the Xixia peace talks, Wang Hao, has not yet stepped out of the Guanzhong boundary. The child in the city of Tokyo has received a letter of invitation from the Western military general. From folding home to farming, from Yaojia to Miaojia, there are Liujia and so on. At this time, Tong Tong is indeed starting to draw the Western Army. That was the first time that he was a tens of thousands of Chang Jiejun who was formed in the northwest. He was the most embarrassed, led by Yang Keshi and Yang Kesheng. In addition, I have adjusted one of the Fuzhou homes. Although it has been a disease for several years, but after the family has been replaced, it is not uncommon for the discount to be available. Then it was the main force of the Western Rebellion. Liu Fa is a pillar of the Western Army. Tong Guan will not move him; that is, he will stay in the northwest to guard against Xixia. In the eyes of Tong Guan, Liang Shanbo is a bouncing, and it is only a disease of shackles. Xixia is his real use. The best school he will stay in the northwest. Just like in those three countries, the first-class generals stayed in the civil war in China, and the guards of the borders were all two or three. It’s just that during the Three Kingdoms period, there are real talents. Even the goods of the second and third streams can not be suppressed. That is, the Sima family is disgusting. Both the Yao family and the Miao family also have talents. They are only young, and they will be enough as an army. However, th

eady heard about it. The tone is smiling. Congratulations on his happiness, he just found a The reason is to end the conversation. It is obvious that it is actually concerned. Since the French side already knows, Laura has already known that Ye Dongqing did not ask her, did not know how to ask, is less than 20 years old, and has no idea to settle down for the time being. I haven’t figured out how to go next, and continue to do it first. Mr. Jobs of Apple took the initiative to call. Recently, he often contacted Ye Dongqing through his mobile phone and asked him for some suggestions. Seeing this posture, he seems to be tempted to tie Ye Dongqing to Apple and let him look forward to it. It’s good there. He asked on the phone: “Leo, app-store is expected to open the beta version in early October, and is ready to let other program development agencies participate, but the split plan has not been worked out. According to your point of view, they develop the program. Then it is put on the app-store for sale. The problem is that it can only make a lot of money. If the consumer recharges in the future, how much should we draw as a handling fee? There are three main options for discussion. Twenty, 30%, I feel that if you are a little bit guilty, 50% of each side will not say anything. At present, you are the company’s largest shareholder. What do you think?” “There are not many users of Apple products.” If it is too high to stir up the enthusiasm of developers, it is best not to charge for this time, or to pump a good one, just like other Internet companies, first cultivate the market and wait for other mobile smart products. After researching and developing a large number of users, it is not too late to consider making money.” At present, Apple’s situation is a bit miserable, and Ye Dongqing’s suggestion has already been given. Go more than two months, in addition to financial performance ipod sales soared, pc end product still looks kind of old or dead than alive, to some improvement, not a year or so, certainly not

t is just the wool on your own body. It is strange to be happy. After all, Ye Dongqing basically has no investment. Just borrowing the network platform they have worked hard to build, they can make big money from it, and people can make long-term calls through computers instead of mobile phones in order to save money. It was better in the middle of last year. Since the second half of the year, it has affected the communication services of these communication operators. With the launch of advertisements many times this year, more people have been attracted to become registered users of skype, directly causing the business of the company. Impact, including Time Warner Group, Verizon Telecom, at& t, Comcast Group, etc., all stood opposite Ye Dongqing, can not say that they are fully suppressing, the giants also know the impact, but the pressure from many aspects is indeed continuing. Last month, Mexico America Telecom officially issued a notice prohibiting skype from transmitting data in its network. Deutsche Telekom is launching a survey on skype and is also watching other EU peers, such as France Telecom, Britain. There are also telecommunications companies on the side of the telecommunications company from time to time to make some small moves. The main reason for this is that skype has developed too quickly and moved their cakes, so I hope to follow the Mexican American telecommunications company before the situation is worse, to kill the potential risks, or else the number of netizens will come. The more they feel that they may lose most of the call business, they are trying to characterize skype as a “telecom company” and then put on a rope to limit it. Recently, in Washington, the same good news came out because Skype’s dialogue was encrypted and could not be intercepted, which made skype the perfect tool for criminals. Recently, the judiciary has identified skype as a tool for criminals through several cases. So that Ye Dongqing had to try to combat this behavior. It’s awkward to say, isn’t there skype, an

?” Moline also sat down and asked. “I can’t be sure.” Sweet said a little lost. “Determining what?” Moline asked inexplicably. Sweet took his gaze back and lowered his head and said, “You told me in the first half of the semester. I have been checking the whereabouts of the Dark Cube. I have been paying attention to this matter, and then I found out one thing yesterday. —” Sweet puts a pendant from his own clothes. The pendant is hung around his neck. The pendant is a string of two fangs, just like the pattern of Sweet’s eyes. He said with a sullen voice: “I didn’t care much about this pendant. It has been hanging around my neck. I never leave, my mother won’t let me leave. But yesterday, I tried to put my own. That kind of ability is used on it.” Sweet looked at the pendant slyly and said: “It conveys me a message that this message can only be known by special magic, except that no one knows this magic – it tells I, I have a relative.” “What?” Moline was surprised to see the quiet boy who was playing with the sand and asked, “You mean – that little boy, is your brother?” “I don’t know, but the blood just blended into him.” Sweet tightened his lips. “The blood curse I cast is only a bloody person. It will take effect.” Moline suddenly thought of something, said “Wait, does that mean your father?” The 409th chapter of Nimwitt said that the Dark Cube is a relic left by his father. He touched the Dark Cube when he was a child, and later his mother. The Black Cube was put away, and Sweet had never seen the Dark Cube ever since. But what if Sweet’s mother gave the Dark Lord to Sweet’s father? “I don’t know, my mother told me that he is dead.” Sweet looked still at the quiet little boy, his face looked uncertain, seemingly eager, but hesitant, and even a little angry. If – if his mother is cheating him? If his father is really alive? Silence for a long time, Molin hesitatedly asked: “Do you want to confirm it?” Sweet’s breathing was loud, his fists were tightly held, and then slowly released. “If it’s you? Maureen

to the Jedi, but when the horse was daring, he could lead the troops to the south and hit the Dongping House to enter the first town [not the first city of the province. Three places in Jeju, Jeju and Dongping In the realm of the situation]. For a few days, until the 30,000 water and land in Xuzhou is elitely entered into Liangshanpo, then the thief army can be cut into two sections. Without the thief sitting in the water, Liangshan, it is not a losing army. Liangshanbo, who has been devastated by all the people in Jingdong, Hebei, has been stunned. It’s so long that he is the Ma Zhengzheng, so great opportunity, so great opportunity. It’s the so-called affair. Sun Li is so. He is very clear, the mountains of Mount Taishan Heavy, the army is simply incompetent. So, the only time he is saved is like he thinks. But now is the Northern Song Dynasty, not the 20th century, the army can cooperate with you so tacitly? Hugh said that it is two hundred miles apart. If you support the army, you will be the same city defender, and it will be difficult to achieve seamlessness. And how can the Ma Zheng army from the south of the Dongping House in the south of the city, how can they get through the Liangshanpo? Even, they have gone through the difficulties to the Jieshou Town. It’s hard to take it in a short time. Can Lu Qiang be able to put down the army in such an important place? In the city of Tai’an, Sun Li’s heart is flustered, and you can know that the defender’s defense is It’s not the case that Liang Shanjun only shouted and attacked these days, fearing that the city had already been won by Liang Shanjun. Shi Wengong saw Sun Li’s way: “The rule of the thief has added Thousands of people have more morale. The soldiers and civilians in my city have gone from bad to worse. If you really wait until tomorrow afternoon, I am afraid that the Liangshan thief will be able to knock the full city Ding Zhuang. Only then will I wait for the soldiers to defend the city, that is the arm of the arm, the banyan tree. Sun Lix

le. I don’t need to learn or use my wand. I just need to know what you think in your mind, even if you are born with brain closure, it doesn’t work for me. Read your thoughts, isn’t it? It’s Godric’s hat, but I helped him a little.” The dark voice seemed to be very happy with the ability to have this. She continued: “When you come to me, you will ask for help, and you will open all the memories to me. I know what everyone is thinking, So you can most accurately let the responsive room change what you need. So you don’t have to doubt my ability.” “Is it true?” Moline felt incredible, he never thought about it. Everyone needs to think back to their most pressing needs when they use the responsive house, but it seems that no one has ever thought about the magical principle of the responsive house. It turns out that there is a demand for the house to meet everyone’s requirements, because a natural photographer who used the gods to take care of them! But who is this born goddess? Why seems that no one has ever mentioned it? Moline suddenly flashed a thought in his mind. When he thought that he was outside the House of Requirement, he was forced to pull here by the cockroach on the door. He widened his eyes and stunned: “You will not be – My God – isn’t this true?” “This is true.” The voice said happily, she already knew what Moline thought. “Hogwarts has been helping this house since it was founded.” There are so many children, but no one remembers who I am, of course – I don’t want them to appreciate me, I like to help others – but if anyone knows my name, I will be very happy.” “But – how is this possible? I thought -” Moline did not react for a long time, “God! I don’t know at all that this room is Helga. Hufflepuff built! One of the four founders of Hogwarts, the ancestor of Hufflepuff College! “You know now.” Hufflepuff said softly. Moline still felt incredible, because Hufflepuff’s college is quite inconspicuous among the four colleges. But it seems that it is not so difficult to accept it. More recruits are bra

lity—Zhao Xixi went and took away all the soldiers of the Imperial Front, leaving these people to call him to guard Guangzhou, not to mention Guangzhou. If you hold on to it, just say Zhao’s heart, let him wow cool and cool. Compared with Liu Yanqing, Zhao’s heart is really awkward. There is still a young man standing beside the teacher’s road. The man is not satisfied with the face, but he is standing on the left side of the seed Yan Chong, and his position is obviously high. This person is called Chen You, and Yang Weizhong is also a sergeant. After the defeat of Huainan, the latter was a big injury. I have already withdrawn from the front line, that is, Chen You’s hands are still holding a little horse. Now he is the ambassador of Guangnan East Road, and his old man, Yang Weizhong. It became the governor of Guangzhou Terracotta Warriors. Although it is just a short position. Contrast the kind of heart and soul of the teacher, Chen You is more free and easy. “Old and old, so soldiers, in just a few days, how to practice? How to use it.” Horizontal and vertical is a glimpse of the appearance. Chen You’s speech is extremely straightforward, and it is also the temper of the military. The teacher said, he shook his head and said: “And first screen, the old and the weak are removed, leaving a refined exercise.” Although there is news, the Northern Army has broken Yingzhou. But they didn’t arrive outside the city one day, it was one day. It is not so much a military commander, but more of a scholar-official person. The literati’s loyal ministers are not the two masters. From the end, the concept of loyalty and responsibility is of great influence to him. “Oh… grandfather, forgive the grandson and bluntly, these people are all young and strong. But time is really not good.” Xiang Yan Chong also said. Just a kind of teacher does not stop. He naturally knows this, but he is holding a different mind from the species Yan Chong and Chen You. He shook his head and said: “The first thing to do is to do one point. It i

Ria nodded. Arnock remembered the so-called “first grade” Maureen, and took another look at the thorn on the ground. His ass was still faint, and then he snorted: “If anyone still treats him as a first-grade child, then Stupid!” – For two months in a row, Moline and Arnock learned magic. He often had to deal with Arnock’s tricks, and counter-attacked twice, but Moline didn’t take advantage of it. Or, even if it is cheap, you don’t know it. But it is undeniable that while Molin was being teased by Arnock, he also understood where the weakness of his magic was, and Arnock would guide him in a timely manner how to avoid his magic being cracked and teach him how to be different. Angle to deal with other people’s curses. Arnock’s guidance made Moline more and more proficient in the control of the spell. Moline didn’t know that even the fifth-grade curse could be controlled. For him, others could not succeed in magic for a semester. He only practiced for half an hour and was basically skilled. Just last month, Gryffindor defeated Ravenclaw with absolute advantage and won the Quidditch Cup this year. James and Albus did not play, but the combination of Sweet and Moline became a big killer for Gryffindor. They replaced James and Albus and they were extremely bright. Became the focus of the audience. “After you graduate, you can consider playing Quidditch. Really, even if you are a batter, no one can stop it! I saw for the first time that someone used the ball to hit the ghost ball.” Things have been going on for weeks, and Hugo still can’t help but praise Moline. In the game between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, Moline served as a batter and he was responsible for intercepting the restless ball. But his swimming ball is even more terrible. Every time Ravenclaw’s chasing player throws the ghost ball to the goalpost, Moline always uses the bat to hit the ball and hit the ghost ball. open. On two occasions, even when the Ravenclaw team passed the ball, the ghost ball was intercepted by a walking ball at a very smashing angle