sailboats, will travel throughout the East. He would only laugh at the great vision of the side of the side of Yahya, the wish is to be delusional, and it is better to pray for himself to become an Arahant. [Southern Arahant is a saint, Bodhisattva is a mortal.] The two sides of the warships are intertwined with each other. The three sacred sailors of the three Buddhas are all in one face, facing a gun, chain and ammunition bombarded by the gunboat. There is no resistance at all, and there is no counter-attack. The top of their guns or smashing arrows is to give the Fukushima an eye. It is important to know that the gunboats of Qijun Navy are specially made. Whether it is material or hull structure, it is very different from commercial ship. The power of the arrow and the gun can’t be laughed. In the land attack and defense war, the shield car must be thickened to resist, but can the shield be compared with the warship? Don’t take the old wooden warships and compare them with the steel warships. Then it compares with the shield truck that is made of wood, so you can understand its resistance to the guns and arrows. “Chong, rush, rush to go to fight with them, win over each person to enjoy 10 copper!” Song Dynasty copper coins in the same three Buddhas is hard currency. Tuo Biluo ordered the order. As a three-foss Qitong with the elite of the water army, he is not a coward, anyway, have to fight! At the beginning, the three Buddhas also wanted to take advantage of the ship’s multitude of people, squatting on their own paddles and accelerating in a short period of time. They had certain advantages in speed and planned to hit the blessing ship. The most unfortunate is to be close to the gunboat. . But the artillery and the thunder of the Nanyang Navy made their ideas vain. Although in the melee The Nanyang Navy’s warships and sailors are also somewhat damaged, but compared with the results, it is not worth mentioning. The arrowheads that Sanfozi shot, the rifles that were released, and the rockets all caused damage