y seen in his heart, and he unnaturally turned his eyes away and said, “What do you think of me?” “I just didn’t say what I want to do, why are you so sure I will go to the cafeteria?” “Summer one doubts. The candle is speechless. Why do you know? He can’t say that when the crawling species was rampant 10 years ago, Xia Yi often did this kind of thing that made others worry about him… Seeing that he didn’t talk, he frowned in the summer and saw his eyes more and more doubtful. Think carefully, it is now 10 years since the nuclear bomb. The 16-year-old No. 1 rose by 10 years, which is exactly the appearance of a young man, in line with the appearance of a candle. The connection between the two people, Xia Yiyi is not without doubt. But the smile of No. 1 Meng Meng was really impressive to him. Let’s just say that, in his mind, the possibility that No. 1 became a dead metamorphosis has not yet reached the height of Zhang Qingyu’s disguise as a man. Besides, if the candle is really on the 1st, Xia Yiyi can’t think of why he pretended not to know himself. There is no reason at all. Thinking, Xia Yi opened the hand of the candle and said, “I am beating you. You guessed it is not wrong, I am really going to go to the cafeteria, but not now. I plan to wait until late at night and the npc falls asleep.” “No.” Xin candle stubbornly shook his head. “It is dangerous at night.” Xia Yiyi did not like to explain the decisions he made to others. But at this time, facing the face of the candle that looks like No. 1, he still feels soft. “Do you know in your own heart? Then it will be deadlocked, The number of players is getting less and less, and the power to resist npc is getting weaker and weaker. If you do not contact the outside world to complete the spur line during the college entrance examination, the copy will enter overtime. “Ghosts know how this game will set the rules of the game. If the game is awkward, maybe the extra time will directly ask us to play those npcs.” Xia Yihui took a look at the non-human body of npc