r of frost. “Mother, what is Susie’s shop called?” When Sun Ye said here, he went back and asked Li Xiuqin. “Taste the food!” You, this child, can forget the name of the store every day from the moment, what is your memory? Li Xiuqin quickly cooperated with Sun Yeyi to sing and say. “To the right, the taste, Su Shi, is that the shop you opened?” Sun Ye nodded and turned to look at Sumi’s face with a “curious” question. It seems that it is really just a casual question, and there is no other meaning. “Since one day walks from the mouth of the food, how can I even have this?” Didn’t you understand the little things? I am just working for others. Where can I open a food shop in such a good place? Who gave me the money? “Sumi looks at Sun Ye and Li Xiuqin’s eyes as if they are looking at a mental retardation. Are these people completely treating her as a fool without a brain? Is this simple routine also going to come over? If this can be circumvented In the modern times, Sumi was afraid that he had already gone bankrupt. “Oh,” sister, you are polite, who doesn’t know the shop, you are the right person? Is it a big deal? A month’s work should be given to you a lot of money? I heard that Zhang Yuyu is not the one you brought into the shop?” Li Xiuqin stared at Sumi’s eyes and said with a smile. ☆, Chapter 208: Sun Ye’s plan is also a test of the flattery of Sumi. She wants to know that there are people in the village who say that Sumi can earn a few dollars in money a month. Whether things are true or not. “What do you want to say, can you say it directly? If you don’t want to say it now, I went into the house and went to sleep. Is there anything I can’t say during the day? This midnight, cold died. “Sumi “whispered” complained a few words, of course, and certainly kept the volume that Li Xiuqin and Sun Ye could hear. Sun Ye was fine, Li Xiuqin’s face was red at the time. After all, it was a woman, still a A woman who compares her face, if she hears Sumi, she will feel that she is not coming to Taiwan and feels that