or more than two months, which class was not a bad time? Answering the question never saw the baby, the toilet was slow, and the ginger at the labor reform point (Professor Jiang of the medical point) also said that the child is a tree. Lazy It. What are you doing today? Professor Zhang is puzzling, but she is very trustworthy to give two white rabbits to the excellent wines of today’s performance, habitually swearing, “time wine students should make persistent efforts, continue to work hard! After taking the fruits of victory, I thanked Teacher Zhang and returned to the position. There is no further explanation that Xi’an wedding team will definitely make great efforts to create new achievements. Fighting spirit is determined by circumstances. For example, two Block the white rabbit. As the wine slowly returned to the seat, Professor Zhang’s heart rose and became confused. He felt that the child was a bit uncomfortable…· Teaching, for an hour and a half, finally rented a car in the middle of the Xi’an wedding car to the church to read the “Spring Rain”, after the small bell ringed the bell, Professor Zhang left the classroom with a broken old textbook. She had to go back to the labor camp to cook. Only then went 20 meters away along the road, just at the intersection and the captain who was carrying the dry smoke. Professor Zhang called the captain of the time, it was better than her. Other professors at the labor reform point who are not full of eyes think that the captain is a good cadre of the country, the good captain of Xi’an wedding car rental people! If they were sent to the forward brigade here to reform, can they have this day? Their former old leaders Colleagues who are not approved to rent a car in Xi’an? Even though the captain is a big old man who is not sturdy, several professors at the labor reform point are full of admiration for him. Especially Professor Zhang, her husband Liu Hui is and The progressive youth who stayed with her overseas, after returning to China, taught at a school. When t