ossoming thought for a long time, I feel that I should believe in my own mother’s words, but the little heart still can’t control the sadness, there is no way. I can only hold the cry of Sumy. Finally, Cheng Zhi and Sumi both accompanied her to cry. For a time, the three mothers and sons, crying together, made Zhang and Zhang Yuyu feel so sad, and even wiped away tears. “Okay, don’t cry, you see, because you are sad, everyone is hurting you, so everyone is following you crying, isn’t you talking to you, you can’t influence other people because of yourself?” Amount, right?” For a long time, Sumi suppressed the sadness in her heart and hugged the blossoming and whispered softly. “Yes, mother, I don’t cry, you and Zhang Wei have a brother, don’t cry, okay, blossoming, don’t want to be a bad boy.” If you are so sensible, let Sumi eyes get hot, almost again. Falling into tears. “Hey, my mother’s little baby, hurry up, let the goddess hug!” Zhang Yuyu usually looks at the blossoming and looks at the eyeballs. This will see the little face that is crying, how can it be spent? I got it, I reached out and wanted to take the blossoming from Sumi’s arms. “You side go with! The body is so tidy, don’t be the whole child, go, old niece, you and your jade sister change clothes, I will wash the face with the two children, we will eat for a while! ☆, Chapter 507: Waiting for me, Zhang took Zhang Yuyu’s hand to the side and took a child to the kitchen with one hand. “Hey, I’ve done a lot of delicious food for you, let’s Don’t cry, look at this little face, all into a little cat! “While Zhang does not say it, but still distressed, this will be trying to find the blossoming and Chengzhi happy. Although the flowering stopped the crying, but still depressed, no matter what Zhang said, just nod and even count. “Sister, if you can’t eat it, you will stay in the house first, nothing. If you are hungry, I will cook it for you, what?” When Zhang Yuyu changed her clothes and came to find Sumi, she saw that her clothes had not changed,