ut of the Imperial City, they needed a lantern. The two men boarded the oxcart waiting for this and headed for the museum where Yuan Tianyi was staying. As a court official, there is an official museum responsible for his food and shelter. When Li Xiaofeng sat down in the car, he smiled at Yuan Tianyi: “Brothers, but with the deductions made by you two, as long as someone can fully understand the weather shown in the resignation, the dynasty will change in the next two thousand years, and there will be no major events in the world. I don’t know what I am!” Yuan Tianyi looked at Li Weifeng’s high-risk road with some distress. He was blaming him for not knowing the height of the sky, and arbitrarily venting the open-air machine. The dark black sky in the sky suddenly showed a strange red-hot object, like a flame. The rising fireball shines like Tianyu and the earth is red. Li Xiaofeng stood up and held the car bar and looked up. He was surprised and said: “What is that?” Yuan Tianyi suddenly felt the heart, and he screamed, and shouted: “Heavenly falls on the treasure!” Li Xiaofeng turned his head and looked To Yuan Tianyi: “Senior brother, what do you say?” Yuan Tianyi pointed to the sigh, Shen Sheng said: “Heavenly fall strange things! If anyone can get this treasure, use it to get the law, then you and I will deduct the future of the world, have not tasted Immutable!” Li Yufeng stunned: “What is so powerful?” Yuan Tianyi did not answer, he slowly stood up, watching the horizon, the full red light of the group gradually dissipated, from which a red object appeared. As if a big bird, to be precise… It is in the sky, like a phoenix! Chapter 009 You are a variable! Li fish stood at the entrance of the cave and looked up at the sky. It was very clear. There was a bright red but not dazzling red light in the sky, as if the sun was magnified nearly a hundred times. In the dark night, there was a bunch of darker beams that were darker than the dark night. I fainted until the red glow of the group seemed to be broke