y I killed her at the beginning?” The bloody Barrow hoarsely asked, the voice mixed with sorrow and grief, but more but a strange resolute. “I listened to them and said, you are killing.” Moline did not understand why the bloody Barrow had to mention this, but many people were passing it. The bloody Barrow was bloodied and stunned because The wrong hand killed Helena, and finally committed suicide. “I must kill her.” The blood man Barrow shook his head slightly. He turned and looked at Moline. The empty eyes showed emotional fluctuations, and a sorrowful sadness was seen across the eyes. “I don’t want to kill her, but I have to kill her.” Blood man Baro sighed. Moline was amazed: “You didn’t kill her, but – must kill her?” The 513th chapter of the bloody Barrow’s past (below) The blood man Barrow closed his eyes and took a deep breath. In one breath, the chest kept undulating. “Many people think that she just wants to prove to everyone that they are smarter than their mothers and steal the wisdom crown – that is not the truth, it is a kind of statement made to cover up the existence of the stone arch.” “Is it—” What Moline remembered, said, “She wanted to open the stone arch at that time?” “She wants to prove that her wisdom is not lost to her mother. In fact, she does not have to prove that she has always been excellent because she studies A very powerful magic – but the magical rules are too dangerous, sealed by stone arches, let her magic level fall into the bottom of the valley, she just is not reconciled, to reopen the seal.” Moline Never knowing these things, he asked incredulously: “So you killed Ravenclaw’s orders – Helena?” “Yes, Ravenclaw’s own command – she had to do this. If those magic rules are not sealed, humans will not have a future. For the big picture, Ravenclaw must make a choice. It is her own. The daughter is still human.” The blood man Barrow said sadly. This statement surprised Morin. He did not expect the real situation to be like this. In this way, Helena was once a talented witch,

a boss in the wild, seeing the situation It’s ran. But when a thief arrives in the team, he shouldn’t fight. And Ni Wen’s inadvertent glance, but suddenly saw the face of the skinny leg. This guy seems to be on the side of the little tune. Cut the boss, although his attack is not slow, but Ni Wen is not very pleasing to see how he looks. “The broken leg Ni Wen suddenly shouted, The boss’s attack is crazy about these ds. The flame in the hands of the fire in July poured out like a machine gun, and did not look at the attack on the boss. And his set of crazy output, the blood of the boss has been directly dropped to 5,700 months, the fire is also dead. Ni Wen tried to restrain the Xi’an wedding team from holding the dagger and not shaking, and the blood of the boss continued to fall in front of her eyes. 31201519772 0 The whole body of the abyss anemone suddenly trembled, its tentacles all reached the sky, and then fell down powerlessly. Boss, hangs off Ni Wen and gasps. At the moment when the boss fell, there was still some reaction, but the sound of laughing at the other Xi’an wedding car rental in the ear awakened her. “The president of the president has really passed us. After Ni Wen took a deep breath twice, then she took some force off to the ground. Others did not say that it was hard to hide the boss skills in the whole process. Now the boss has finally fallen, and Ni Wen is loose. In one breath, “When Xi’an wedding car rental resurrection, then we touched the boss and worked hard to fight the boss. To put it bluntly, isn’t it just waiting to harvest the spoils? When Lingfeng Chenyang came back from the resurrection, the expression of excitement on his face has not yet dispersed. He grabbed Ni Wen’s arm and said, “The president, we really did not use the natural guardian.” I know I know. Ni Wen saw his appearance and could not help but feel a little funny. I think of the calm and cool style of the other side of the past life. This is even more obvious when I see this. “Okay, this is just the be

you can send everything back. Why do you need it? Building a mine?” “Be prepared, sir. You are right. We don’t use this mine. If you are in trouble, I can take you directly, but our house elf phantoms are moving away from school. Registered, this is not good for you.” Lulu said very honestly. Another house elf moved in a very intimate stool and let Moline step on it to climb into the mine car. There are two seats in the mine car, but there is no joystick, no lights, and a strange smell. “Sir, would you like me to wipe the mine car for you?” Lulu asked with a warm tea towel. “No, thank you, Lulu, can I leave the school without mentioning it to others?” Moline whispered. Lulu said happily: “No thanks, sir. We will keep secrets for you. We haven’t seen anything.” “Thank you, how do you start…” Moline hasn’t finished, Lulu has pulled it. Next to a rope, the mine car slammed out. “Happy trip, sir, remember that the door should be opened twice quickly.” Lulu’s voice quickly disappeared behind. “What door?” Moline shouted, but he could not see Lulu. The speed of the mine car was very fast. Moline only felt that his school uniform was screaming. The easy-to-cap was almost blown away by the wind. He quickly took off the easy-fit cap and stuffed it into his arms. The mine road is surrounded by stone walls. At every interval, there are dim mine lights flashing. These miner’s lamps are all inexhaustible and can burn all the time. Moline kept moving forward in the darkness. He couldn’t figure out how fast the speed of the mine car was. This reminded him of the dizzying speeding car that was dizzy when he went to Gringotts last time. The speed of the mine car made by the fairy seems to be only one. Probably advanced for more than 20 minutes, the speed of the mine car suddenly stopped, and the rapid brakes let Moline almost fly out, but fortunately he pulled out his wand in time and shouted “Deceleration”, the deceleration spell was imposed on him, let him promptly The ground stabilized the figure. “This passage is really dan

re the beginning of the small game, of course, Fan Xuanyi is suitable for her. “Feng Yiming said that he is not good-natured. Zhuo Yuan’s policy is awkward. Although the other party is a childhood friend, Feng Yiming does not leave the rain swallow in three sentences. He feels that he is also interested in other people’s girls, but he has not seen him actively staying. On the one hand, he helped Fan Xuanyi to talk. On the one hand, he was unhappy with his own heart, and he was interested in other women. On the other hand, he showed interest in other women. What do you think of this stinky boy? The contradictions in words and deeds are really unpleasant. He has a lot of questions in his mind. After swallowing and spitting for a long time, I can’t ask for it. See Zhuo Yuan thoughtfully, Feng Yiming asked: “Isn’t the seven brothers blaming me, do you still have your thoughts?” Such a direct question made him screaming and sipping a cup of tea. “Seven brothers know, I tried hard, and tried to get along with Swift, but if the effort is useful, there is no such thing as a sentence.” Feng Yiming sighed and stared at him. “I appreciate Swift, but I still like Seven Brothers compared to her.” “Why is this almost screaming, Zhuo Yuan policy can not eat under the guise, listening to these shameless love words are full. And this stupid boy is now true, which sentence is false, he is fast. Feng Yiming early grasped his temper, knowing that he must not be hard. He deliberately showed weakness and grievances: “For my feelings, I know that my seven brothers are unwilling, but the seven brothers also saw it. I have tried to get along with other women, but it is still not the end. It should be six years ago that your mind has not been solved yet. The feelings of the time have been carved into the bones. Can you give me more time? I will try to forget, and don’t rush to avoid me. At the beginning of the Ruijian Mountain Villa, the dizzy Zhuoyuan policy, the next day to bring people back to Fengjiabao, Feng Yiming used similar trick

the painting, like Sir Cardigan, may have seen certain things. In order not to let them tell the secret, they were destroyed. Moline desperately recalled the order in which the portraits of Jamie and Hugo were in memory, but he only remembered the vague impression that when Molin saw the memory of Jamie and Hugo, his attention was more It is in that classroom. “Why do some people deliberately mess up the order of the portraits?” Moline counted a few times. There are twelve paintings on the wall nearby. Most of the paintings here are fruit maps and landscape maps. The map is gone. Moline observes the paintings in front of him and wants to see what is strange about these paintings. Unfortunately, he is not a professional painter. He does not know how to appreciate the genre of painting. If he has to say something in common, I am afraid that it is the painting in the castle. It is all moving, even if the white clouds on the landscape will float away, the fruit in the tray will accidentally roll under the table. The Quidditch pitch outside the castle is still playing, and Hugo’s voice is magnified by magic, which can be heard here. “Gryffindor’s Polk has a beautiful spin pitch. The ball is very fast. He is going to pass to Feria, but the ball is broken by Newstar. Hufflepuff starts to fight back. Their The offensive formation is very beautiful – oh, unfortunately, Albus beat the ball to Newstar, and Newstar was forced to evade. Hufflepuff’s formation was broken. Albus’s technology is really amazing. I have to say that the people of the Porter family have the talent to play the ball–” Moline listened to Hugo’s commentary and observed the painting on the wall, but after seeing it for a long time, he still couldn’t see it, but at this time. There was a footstep in the hallway, and Moline turned and found Professor Charles of the Muggle Research class. Professor Charles is still wearing a decent suit, and he always looks so polite. “Hello, Professor!” Moline hurriedly said hello, he felt very strange, how could Prof

atter, Arnock always said that he was still investigating. Although Moline knew that Arnock was good for him, he was still not used to being protected like this. – Arnock is right. The next day, the whole school boiled again, because the sorrowful trio of the salvation trio came to Hogwarts and prepared to investigate it. The main reason why they came, the reason why the Weasleys’ daughter, Rose, was attacked as a corpse, and this happened in the women’s toilet, which caused a lot of conjecture. As Hugo guessed, they focused on the secret room. Basically, all the students in the school grew up listening to the story of Harry Potter. Even those children with Muggle-born children will know more or less. If someone says that a wizard does not even know Harry Potter, Then it will definitely be ridiculed. The entire corridor was surrounded by water, and many people rushed to see what the salvation trio would investigate this time. However, when Hugo heard that his parents came to school, he rushed to the fifth floor, just like hiding God, running faster than anyone else. “You don’t want to see how they opened the secret room?” Moline said suspiciously. “Don’t be stupid, they will drive me away – and Rose will definitely complain. Mom always leans on her. I don’t want to ask for fun. I have to go to the library to study and pretend to be hardworking and hardworking.” ” Hugo desperately pushed up the stairs, and I couldn’t wait to escape from it. He didn’t care about how to open the secret room. Anyway, he cares, his parents will definitely not let him go to the secret room. Even if he investigates something, he will not. I will tell them that Hugo is very clear about this. Moline couldn’t help but laugh, Hugo was really real, it seems that his parents have not criticized him. Then he thought that in fact, parents are not bad. Moline stood on the stairs on the second floor leading to the third floor. He saw the Harry Potter three people in the distance and led by Professor McGonagall and Professor Flitwick and Profes

as because the strength was not enough at the time, and on the other hand, because there was not much money in the hands of Bernard Madoff, and there was nothing to be grasped by Ye Dongqing, wanting to blackmail each other. At least you must first grasp the reliable handle, or else you will be able to give it to him and send the money to him? The difference is now, the old man has just given investors a dividend, the total amount of up to 900 million US dollars, because of the private equity fund, the specific accounts do not need to be public, Ye Dongqing does not know the specific figures, but he Recently, it has indeed begun to falsely report the amount of profit, and it has announced that the annual increase is as high as 16%. … Bernard Madoff took the initiative to retreat from the position of the Nasdaq chairman, saying that he wanted to concentrate on managing his investment company. This time he guessed wrong, thinking that Ye Dongqing wanted to put the money on him and then earned the difference, so he was very proud to tell his son at the moment: “You don’t want to talk about it later, you can adjust the atmosphere. I came to talk to him. The Chinese boy named Leo has a lot of money in his hand. If you want to keep the game going, you must have a steady flow of funds coming in. I will help you and your brother recently. I opened two accounts in Switzerland and will deposit $150 million respectively. If you don’t want to use them when you have to, don’t pretend that you have never had this account. Fairfield-greenwich’s stupid man, last year to me This will invest a billion dollars, and then will invest more. After two days of meeting with his son, remember to receive them, no matter what you want to do to meet his needs, understand?” Mark Madoff Nodded and understood that he was an assistant in his father’s side. Don’t look at Bernard’s often boasting how much he earned. In fact, his company suffered a serious loss from the first year. State online, simply let the deficit to Bernard cynicism, no a

ded and stepped back a few steps. Li Liang repeatedly apologized and asked: “Will the Lord…?” Xu Yang did not understand: “I only saw the philosopher writing in clothes with unknown things. Maybe… is it…?” He estimated that it was a little confused. I don’t know how to explain it, some are impatient. “Is this something you need to know?” The tone is not good. Li Liang immediately stunned. They were also interested in going out to drink together at the beginning. During this time, he also asked himself not to offend Xu Yang. He wondered, “Is it because Zhe does not say hello and make it unpleasant?”, apologetically laughing: “Zhe is very easy to do things, please don’t mind the Lord.” Xu Yang walked and said casually: “It is so, more “I don’t think it’s because of Zhe? Is it because I just collided?” The apology on the face is even worse: “It’s a good mistake to attack…” Xu Yang interrupted: “How do you go out?” Li Liang does not know what to say. Xu Yang went on to say: “If you don’t leave the camp, you will be responsible for the ten army sticks. If you return to the camp, you will receive it.” Li Liang changed his face. He didn’t know the military regulations. He just thought that he would not be out of the army with Xu Yang. Regulatory control, did not think… It must be mentioned here that Qin Guo’s self-destructive law has been law-abiding. Qin Xiaogong’s brother violated the Qin law and thought that he would not be punished. In the end, he was cut off his nose and had to wear a mask all the time. The solemnity of Qin Law has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Li Liang from Zhao Di, if calculated according to the region, he should be Zhao Diren. Zhao Di was incorporated into Qin State for a few years. According to his current age, he grew up in the environment of Zhao Guo, so he may not know enough about the seriousness of Qin. The army that has already destroyed Zhao Guo may be very humane in choosing law enforcement, but the army of Qin State will definitely not casually destroy th

e you so careless about your parents? Is this dizzy when you eat? Hey, the rice grains are still sticking a lot of brains! The young doctor took out a handkerchief and took it very carefully. When the rice on the head of the wine was wiped clean and rubbed on the hair, he would do it. “Doctor, what happened to the child?” Although he was detained with a careless parent’s pot, President Lu was very responsible for chasing after the doctor. At this time, the Jianguo and his party Xi’an wedding car rentals also entered the surgical treatment room, and looked at the young doctors in the same period. “Your home Xi’an wedding car rental is quite full! Young doctor smiled and said: “Not a big deal, this child is tired! “Right, there is a little hypoglycemia, this should be noted that such a small child should not be bound to her all day, let her eat more nutritious, do not let the children learn all day, too much brain! And, this The child is fainted mainly because the blood sugar is low. Can I ask if she has had this situation before? The blood sugar is low?! The four parents in the old family were shocked. Song Hongfang quickly said: “Doctor, our granddaughter day and night. Sugar, chocolate, it doesn’t leave the mouth at all. Everyday morning and evening, I don’t cook the pork ribs for the children. It is for steamed fish. How can this nutrition not keep up? This has never happened before! Seeing Song Hongfang and other Xi’an wedding car rentals is not like a lie, the young doctors are also embarrassed, if you really say this big cockroach, this nutrition will only be excessive and not bad! It’s a hell! “No! Luo Jing姝 总姝姝姝姝洛洛洛洛洛洛洛洛洛洛洛洛洛洛洛洛洛洛洛洛 洛I haven’t seen her ask me for these days, and she has been eager to eat snacks as usual! The young doctor nodded: “It is customary to eat snacks and snacks. Suddenly, the body does have an adverse reaction. “Yes, yes! After Luo Jingyu said this, Song Hongfang also remembered it all at once. He was too busy to ask Li Song

sure that there will be no big earthquake in the earth?” Looking up at the beautiful starry sky, the flaps stood up with the flute. Also, this kind of thing has already been done once, so I don’t care to do it again. It’s really.. It’s too much trouble.. Really. It’s too much trouble, what is expelled.. I remember the spell is… After recalling what I have to do, the flaps breathe out a long breath and look up at the red giant stars that are getting closer and closer on the sky. The piercing air defense alarm seems to have sounded in my ear. “Since that’s the case, then it’s done, it’s the worst situation now, it doesn’t matter worse.” [495.496. The never-ending feast is about to kick off] Indeed, if it is really calculated, the flaps are the safest thing to do, because the flaps have been done once, and the flaps and the other side seem to Very good-looking, the first copy except the newbie copy has met with the other party, and then a call has been made, and the other party’s wisdom is still in the hands of the flap, in addition to the flaps, Who can do this kind of thing? And because wisdom is in the flap here, if the flaps are summoned, even if the other party does not want to come, it will definitely come. This is why Naia puts wisdom on the flaps. The reason: “First, night, ok, starry sky, ok, empty land, ok… Belt, start! The hand picked up the knife, and the flap directly twisted the knife into the ground and turned it. The layer of the ring appeared directly above the sky. It was the door of the silver key, responding to the call of the flap, only for The threshold of the flaps spread out. The other hand picked up the eye accessories on the neck, took it down, pinched it in his hand, and began to read the vocabulary in his mouth. This time, the flap was not ready to use high-speed gods. After all, it is only for the time to do it. If you can, you can use it directly in your native language. Anyway, as long as it is a syllable, for example, summoning the total number of grams, there is no problem d