w? Sumi snorted and said to the big Zhuang Niang. “Hurry and leave here, or you should not blame me for being polite to you!” I will remember it later, and I will ask you to talk again. The nonsense person will be embarrassed! “Sumi looked at Liu Dazhuang and said with a strong voice. “Little hoof! Who are you talking to? Do you dare to hit me? You move me, you try it! “The big Zhuang Niang was completely disregarded by Sumi after she was exposed. The more difficult it is to listen, the more difficult it is to say: “I tell you, our old Liu family is kind enough to say that you are welcome to enter the door!” Do you think that a widow with two children can you go somewhere? If you want to know each other now, I will apologize to you, and I will not say that tomorrow, I will let you be a big gift to you! otherwise! . . Humph! Don’t cry when you come to me! “Yeah, Sumi, you will apologize to my mother. Is it difficult to say something wrong?” Liu Dazhuang actually still helped. “What is your old Liu family?” Actually dare to talk to our family? It was noisy, and suddenly a sharp female voice broke out. Actually it was Li Xiuxiu! Sumi Zhang Yuyu looked at each other and sighed in her heart. It was a bit messy tonight. “Get out of the way!” Li Xiuxiu took Li Laiqing Li Laicai and Li Dali and others to go in. Wang Guihua and Wang Xiaoxiao also came along. “Yes! younger brother. . . Sister! Don’t be afraid! “Wang Xiaoxiao stood up on the nose of Da Zhuang Niang with a big belly and a finger, and shouted loudly: “You don’t look at the virtues of your family.” ! Can someone like my sister think about it? Moreover! My sister is not a lifetime. . . . Sumi quickly interrupted Wang Xiaoxiao’s words: “Everyone is quiet, I have a word to say.” “Today, this Liu family came to my house to make this game. I don’t care about the folks in the township, but I can’t allow others to destroy my reputation. I am sitting right.” There is no relationship with Liu Dazhuang. If I have a lie, I am thundering! Da Zhuang Niang, do you dare to