eter before she went back to the cabin wet and drenched. She solemnly returned two words: “Good duck.” “Yeah!” Intu Luo jumped up and used a standard ballet posture to rotate the forefoot to the ground for thirty-two laps. Then, he took up the small board and searched the most romantic cafe in the capital, and agreed with his black cat. After hours, meet at the Starlight Cafe on the edge of the Chaos Galaxy College. The black cat holds a red rose, while Pikachu holds the latest small board box. Indra jumped up and prepared to dress up for himself. He looked at his handsome face in the mirror on the side of the living room. Xi’an wedding car rental, the appearance is definitely no problem. In the paradise galaxy, every time the heavenly people appear in front of the mortal, the face is covered with light, so that the mortal can’t spy on their whole picture, so there are very few people who know that Indra looks. The black cat should not find out that he is Raytheon Indra. As for the devout Brahma believers in the clothes, they have already asked the two masters’ wishes: in chaos What kind of clothes do they want to wear when the galaxy is active? Indra, when I thought so much, I said that I should be convenient. The result is that in his wardrobe, in addition to denim, it is a sportswear, and there is no official clothes. Indra’s gaze looked at the set of business suits that Suma had on the ground. He secretly picked up his clothes and went to his body to set up a Xi’an wedding car rental “Hey!” The back opened a hole. The height of 1 meter, the body of the large circle of Indra put the height of 1 meter 8 Suma’s business equipment off, and slammed back to the original place. Finally, he decided to wear the original denim. He picked up the small board and was about to leave. He suddenly folded back. Looking at the pink and pink board in his hand, Indra hesitated. Xi’an wedding car rental like a man like me, with such a small book, if it is seen by the black cat, will she feel that I am a mother? At this time, In