n she was riding the white fin dolphins to collect the water element fragments, she suddenly heard the announcement of the system. System Announcement: Empire Alarms have been issued, and a large number of aquariums have begun to come ashore and are approaching the mainland. Please take the risky people who are closer to the sea to evacuate! System announcement: The empire has entered a state of full readiness, and individual cities will enter the state of war garrison, so please let the adventurers know. No, this time, it is not enough for her to make the space stabilizer! Ni Wen, who is still in the middle of the river, is not even discouraged. It seems that this should be the setting in the mission. The preparations of Medicis and Lampson could not keep up with the speed of the invasion of the aquarium. Wait a minute, that’s it, the task of this space stabilizer will not be undone. I will not ask her to send the space stabilizer to the bottom of the sea at such a time. Ni Wen couldn’t help but smack his face, and desperately wished that he would not go out in the river. She thought that in fact, such a possibility is very large. Does npc still go errands? No, the errands are always players! Even if this is the player to run off the leg, and npc itself can actually do a space surgery. After collecting the water element fragments and returning them to Lan Wen of Lanpusen, the entire Xi’an wedding car rental is rigid. General Lampson was very happy to say: “Great, with these pieces of water elements, you can ensure the concealment of the space stabilizer in the water. So even if it is aquarium, there will be no chance to destroy it. Thank you for your contribution, adventurer, space stabilizer will be done in a day, then you will come to pick it up. Ni Wen said, in fact, I have regretted doing this task now. If I say Xi’an wedding team will be tomorrow If you don’t come, can you accept it? And at that end, Wang Laoji’s message was also sent: “The president, Longyan Port has been broken! I listened to you, t