other does not give strength, how can Lei Hengnai? It’s important to run. Wang Dingliu hated the official of the shopkeeper, and found a pass before and after, but could not see the figure of the treasurer and the man. A dry man brought a scorpion in the backyard shed and hung the slab, so that Wang Laohan could ride. Then they plucked the entanglement, set fire to the grass house, and looked at the water. After half a day, Liang Shanbo has already arrived, and Xiao Xiao Er will see the Lijiadaokou Zhugui shop pick Out of the wine cellar, pointing to the crowd said: “And look, it is the small shop operated by Zhu Gui brother. Previously just sitting, just need to get around the 30 or 20 miles. Now I have to call my brother Adjusted the amount of money, the scale is growing. Not only in the city of Pucheng, there are small shop line people, it is a wind and grass in the city of Jeju, can also hear.” Xiao Xiao Er took the knife to the front, the store The younger brother has already seen it, and he greeted the people and greeted him. When the first person started, he saw one of the good ones sitting on the head, surrounded by three men, one of whom was full of laughter, another big waist, and the last one was dark. In the cold, the sleeves are also picked up in the cold. The big chunks of meat are used to drink, and the black bear is like a thick meat. The iron bull is like a naughty body. Add a word red and yellow eyebrows, and the eyes are red and silky. The anger is like an iron brush, and it is not like a good person. “Brother, these three are not beaten the official difference, alarmed the Lei Heng guys?” Fan Rui walked the rivers and lakes, time is not short, the three people in front of the eyes can not meet the image of the hotel bird shopkeeper half a day ago? “I am afraid that it is the three heroes.” So these three heroes really came to the cottage, such as Liangshan more and more prosperous. Zhu Fu is not a careless person. In front of this group of people, the shop is so diligent, it must be a cottage