Xiqiao?” “Okay, it’s better. Zhao Wei did not explain much. She did not want to say more, the emperor is not good at chasing the bottom, only said: “That is going to let him come to the palace, let the first day go, please do not alarm next to Xi’an wedding car rental, you just rest assured. Zhao Wei nodded I understand the emperor’s words and whispered thank you. The emperor glanced, “You are my sister, a Xi’an wedding car rental is not polite. The emperor personally spoke, and on the night, the first day he took Yang to the palace of Zhao Wei. Yang Hook did not understand why the Xi’an wedding car team was taken away by Xi’an wedding car rental. After seeing Zhao Wei, I understood. “It turns out that you are the princess of the girders. Yang hooks are not afraid of Zhao Wei. The tone is as usual to her: “No wonder you can’t look down on your big brother and escape.” “Even if I am not a princess of the girders, I will not look at the things that Had Xi’an wedding car rental has no brains. Zhao Yu looked disgusted and did not want to mention Harder. “How come you come to the girders? “Nature is for my big brother. Zhao Wei does not want to mention, Yang hook is going to mention, and he wants to disgust her: “My brother was also infatuated with you at the beginning, can you not read some old feelings? “Is the old feelings? If I really remember the old feelings, Harder is dead now, and he can dare to think about me with anything. Zhao Hao said coldly, “Yang hook, I am here to invite you tonight, but not to tell you the old. . Yang hook smiled, and the childish face suddenly showed two shallow pear vortexes. He said: “Nature is not old. I have nothing to do with you. There are a few piles of hatred. Zhao Wei also laughs, but the smile is not at the bottom of his eyes. “If you hate it, look at your mother and your sister. I will not care about you. The reason why she was seen by Harder was that she was designed by Yang Hook. The reason was that he could not see Yang Qingyun’s energy to care for her to take c