ore friendly. Professor Francis was cold and, like Sweet, refused to dress up, so he was very prominent in the professor. In fact, it doesn’t matter. Professor Francis comes where he comes with a gas field. It is a focus in the crowd and cannot be ignored. Hagrid came late, he sang in the sneak peek of Arnock, but he was too tall, the mirror could not be tolerated, only to kneel down. Hagrid in the mirror looks very embarrassed, probably this is the largest costume he designed. Finally, Hagrid grew a pair of huge dragon wings behind him, and spit fire when he spoke, which excites him, because the dragon is his favorite magic creature, and he has the wings of a dragon, which is simply for him. a surprise. “Great, Professor Singer, I like the fire dragon!” Hagrid said with a rough voice, a spurt of flame in his mouth, but when the flame was sprayed on Arnock, it was Arnock. The spray on the clothes was blocked. This kind of magic is just an illusion, and it doesn’t really hurt people. “Don’t thank you, unfortunately these wings may not hold you, but after dinner you can try to go out and run, maybe gliding – I can give you a gust of wind.” Arnock waved his hand, he The arm of the arm splattered with huge waves. Professor Trelawney did not appear at the dinner. In addition to the school, everyone rarely saw her. She used to eat in her own tower. Everyone is telling that Professor Trelawney does not appear often because the person chosen by fate needs to maintain mystery, but James vows to say that Professor Trelawney does not appear, but is afraid that his deception will be debunked. The dinner on Halloween is very rich. The house elves are also struggling for this festival, and they have made a lot of tricks. Many foods are very weird and even have some bloody hands. Hugo bravely tasted a bloody hand and found that it was a delicious turkey leg change. Moline also ate a marshmallow like a ghost, which floated above the plate. “I like this way of Halloween.” Hugo bit the bloody finger and the mouth is still stained