tyard. This is the core of military and political affairs in Xiangzhou and Liuzhou. The neighboring courtyard is mostly used to receive visitors. Xu Changyan walked into the courtyard and went straight to the front of the study. “Second brother, it is me.” “Big brother.” Inside the voice of Xu Huiyan, Xu Changyan walked in from the outside and walked in. This is a study room with a very elegant stomach. There are two bookshelves in the room, and there are full books on the shelves. Because Xu Huiyan, who was born in Wushu, is a girl who loves to read, perhaps it is the influence of Li Wei. Xu Huiyue likes to read books, and this name is also widely spread. But now Xu Huiyan is sitting behind a few cases, and he has spread a book in front of him, but his heart is not on the book. White face, a sharp murderous murder between the eyebrows, “They are gone?” “All have been sent away.” Xu Changyan thought of the news heard today, his face flashed a touch of color. The group of soldiers of the Imperial City Division defeated, and they had to calculate the life of their brothers. I also made two preparations, and I have a close relationship with the people of Shaomin. No wonder they have the courage to join hands with the South Vietnamese people and send them to the Dufu! Thoroughly throwing away the pair of Sven’s appearance, Xu Huiyan licked his own eyebrows, but not simply for his own situation. Sighed: “In the past, these people came to see me, but it was somewhat obscured, but now…” In the eyes of Xu Huiyan, this is already half-open. This shows that the Northern Expedition’s winning emperor has already turned around to solve the Lingnan issue. Therefore, the intelligence department’s talent activity is ‘猖獗’. The problem is that the Lingnan water is still not when everyone is in the water. “I have already written to Guizhou, but I have no news so far. On the contrary, the Imperial City has a role…” Xu Huiyan has a headache. The news that Lu’s emperor passed on was to pull down the leader of the Shaomin head

be gone, and he is in a hurry, step forward, open his arms to the front of the auspicious, and shouted: “Stop!” Auspicious is my lady. Marriage book here, who dares to grab people? Pang Mama shook the sales contract and shouted: “Auspicious sales contract is here, it is my ‘Zhang Feiju’ person, married not married, old lady does not nod, who dares to be the master? Give me someone! “The big man on the four arms behind Pang’s mother, the leader of the standing man, immediately bullied forward, and raised the open arms of the wooden Yiqi chicken, and threw it aside. The wooden house is in Lizhou. It is also a big family. Although there are no great big people, but there are many people, but they are not particularly afraid of people. Since the family people are being deceived by the family, the wooden family is willing to give up, and when they are on the rise, one party occupies the quality. When one party occupies the quantity, it is shot in the courtyard of Li Yu’s home. At this time, Li Yu and Wu Dadu have left their homes and have just sneaked into their own alleys. Chapter 059 Full of paper ridiculous words, a bitter tears, my mother’s four King Kong is very capable of playing, they are beaters, although the fight is done in the streets and lanes, but the fight is also the most practical. Simple, straightforward and sharp. Although the wooden family are ordinary villagers, but they are more powerful than others, and they all use the wooden bars when they carry the load. At this time, it is a weapon of pickpockets. The two sides had a half-pound for a while. Because of the fighting between the two sides, the old hens in the Li family’s yard were also open their wings, jumping up and down, making dust and feathers flying, and the scene was even more chaotic. Pan Jiaojiao was furious and yelled at the hips: “Do not hurt my old hen, only the eggs can be laid.” Both sides of the fight know that there is still a little fairy in this yard, also know this Pan Jiaojiao is the mother of the little fairy. Those village

the restrictions, this time only in the enchantment Put a evil spirit inside. The nursery rhymes in the recorder slowly sounded. “Don’t lose your hand and gently put it on the back of the child. Don’t tell him, hurry up and catch him. Hurry up and catch him~~” This time, I knew early that I would be thrown at the handcuffs. Behind Zhang Qingyu, so his spirit is particularly uplifting, the brain of the string collapses tightly, pay close attention to the nursery rhymes. The first time… the second time… the third time… The breathing of the npc in the ear is very clear, and the laughter of the bearded referee is also very sharp. There was a cold laughter from the white player on the opposite side. He seemed to be ready, waiting for the chase to begin to stir up the water. The process of waiting for this is long and torturous. The fans in the live broadcast of Xia Yi looked at the first two big ones. Although the eyes of Xia Yiyi were covered by white silk, they could not see what happened in the copy, but they were very clear. Although the voice of the nursery rhymes has not ended, the battle has already begun. In their perspective, the bearded referee smirked and tiptoed, holding a red handkerchief and circling two rounds after Xia Yi’s return. A crowd of people outside the enchanted singer exclaimed, he seemed to be satisfied with the effect, and Slowly swiftly walked behind Zhang Qingyu, disregarding the shouts blocked by the crowd, he threw the red handkerchief behind him. If it is just like this, The fans in the live room are not going to produce emotions similar to despair. Not only are they desperate, but many of the nobility ladies and civilian girls outside the border can’t bear to cover their faces. In the summer, I erected several air shields, facing the left hand side, and strictly blocking his entire side, which is a masterpiece of white players. When the game starts, the evil spirits must appear next to Zhang Qingyu. With this layer of air shield, Xia Yiyi wants to shoot again to help Zhang Qing

idge in a moment. When you walk and stay, you have support and you are arguing with each other. Compared with the killing on the battlefield, it is still a lot hot. As a result, Zhao Wei had the potential to become a bird of surprise, but he still stayed in Gangneung City and never left. No help, big artists still have to face. Cai Jing and others are required to settle down all the way. After successfully backing the pot, this is the driving of the West. Even though the world knows its true color, there can be a layer of tulle covering the face, just like the new clothes of the emperor. Believe it or not, I believe that I am forced by the form, and I have to go to Sichuan. In Kansai, Lu Zhishen has already led the army to the road to Suiyuan, and his handsome minister Xigong lifted down. More pitted Qin Fengshuai Zhao point. Qin Fengbing was assembled in the Zhenjun Army, which is the Guyuan of the later generations, so that he could quickly reinforce the Yuanyuan Road in times of crisis. Such a drop in Xigong made the portal of Suiyuan Road wide open. Lu Zhishen led the main force of the Kansai Legion to receive the news of the surrender of Xigong in Qin Fengbing. When everyone was forced, it appeared in front of Qin Fengbing and called Zhao. Take the wax on time. He is standing and can’t stand, and can’t retreat. Beating, but can not really abandon Guyuan. Lu Zhishen took the opportunity to split the Huai De Army, which is the Ping Xia City. From there, crossing the west, passing the north of Liupan Mountain, there is a road to cross the Liupan Mountain. After arriving at the temple, head south along the road. Although there are Jiuyangzhai, Zhenzhai Village, Huaiyuan Village, etc. on the way, you can go around the left to control the five originals, the right to the Lanhui, the yellow flow around the north, the south to block the south, according to the shoulders of the eight counties, Behind the town of the army of the three towns. Of course, if you want to enter the good water, you still have to win the tow

! As long as I go to the right, I must bring you! If Lang Langjun really listens to her ghost words, I will not go! Deep and quiet, I was so busy that I nodded, like a chicken. “Auspicious sister Bodhisattva reincarnation, pure heart, no wonder I was at the Kerry Khan House, I saw you like you.” “Small Langjun chivalrous, auspicious sister is kind and kind, this is the most suitable pair of good couples.” Some people are arrogant about their big business. If they want to come up later, I will not accept her. Auspicious sister, no matter when, our sisters will stand firmly on your side. Xu Laofu’s smile is a stiff, the students have a cold window for ten years. Once they enter the official, they must make a career for the future. They can become a party. Students can become a party, and the same scholar can become a party. The party, as far as marriage, apprenticeship, worship, etc., all means, are all ways to join the party. Now, even the women in the big house door are advancing with the times, fighting for the tricks and innovations. Auspicious to Xu Laofuzi , said: “Mr. Do not blame, the students will start again. …… Lai Yuefei Lai Dazhu’s signing room. After a few days of treatment, Liu Xiaoxiao, who has recovered his vitality, stood straight in front of Lai Yuefei. Lai Yuefei turned around him two times and nodded, saying: “Not bad!” It is a hero! Liu Xiaoxiao Shen Sheng: “Lai Dazhu will be used to me, I will sell it to you.” But I don’t know, next, what does La Dazhao want me to do? Lai Yuefei raised an eyebrow and said: “Of course it is against the fish.” Liu Xiaoxiao’s eyes are cold: “What results does Lai Dazhu want?” Lai Yuefei waved like a fly, saying: “Whether it is driving him away, or killing him, I don’t care, I just want him to disappear from me!” Liu Xiaoxiao’s eyes slowly smashed up: “Can you do everything?” Lai Yuefei smiled awkwardly: “No, no, the premise is that you can’t get me involved, otherwise…” Lai Yuefei said: “I will push you out at any time, when I am a ghost!” Liu Xiaoxiao sa

ster, you tell me what to do. Jiang Yue promised to come down. “I hope very much. I can hear Xiaorui can call me a small voice.” “Really?” ! Lin Xiangyu originally thought that it was necessary to say a lot of words to Jiang Yue’s approval. The early drafts were not available, Jiang Yue agreed. “Really, Xiang Xiangjie, I can understand your feelings, after all, I am also It is a mother. Jiang Yue smiled and touched his lower abdomen, where there is a life growing slowly. This way she is more emotional and can understand the emotions of Lin Xiang language. “I really hope that I can help you.” “Ozawa did not speak at the side, watching the two reached an agreement, and there was no smile in the eyes. When Lin Xiangyu left, Ozawa asked coldly and asked: “Moon, why did you promise, you obviously Can be rejected. “If you are worried that Jincheng will leave the school, you don’t have to…” “No.” Jiang Yue shook his head. “I just want to help her. I really help, even if there is really a layer of relationship that you said, but it is definitely not the main one.” “I saw her, I remembered…something.” I remembered that she was on the hospital bed and saw the picture of Yan Liang’s mobile phone. The child lost her vitality. At that time, she hated more, but more wanted to fly to his side to save the child. I wonder why no one is going to save her nephew! Pushing others, she wants to help a group of Jin Rui who can still get better. She is not a kind person, but she does not want others to repeat the same mistakes. Ozawa looked at her and seemed to understand the reason why Jiang Yue could not say it. It was atonement. The apologies for the last generation of children were delivered to another child. “If you really think so.” ,I have no opinion. “Osawa’s face gradually changes and it doesn’t make any difference. It seems that the person who is just ugly is not like him. “You can understand.” Jiang Yue began to want to use Jin Rui to get along with him. “Moon, you understand what you want and know what you are doing.”

fact, he is not malicious at all, just because he feels that the Sumi people are very easygoing, and there is no Because they are personally invited by the son, they are kept away from their shelves. It’s just that people who don’t say anything like Yang’s sneak peek are really admirable. “Nothing is okay, I don’t know who is not guilty. Then I will praise you. I am too happy to be too late. How can I be angry? If you are happy, I will wait until I say it. If I wait for me.” The fainting that you said was turned, and the salt was put into the sugar, but we didn’t have to eat it!” Sumi told Yang En how to cook the milk, what tea should be put, what the heat, and the blue sea said. “That is, don’t bother Miss Su!” Yang En wouldn’t want to say that Sumiduo talked to him. Others are going out. Listening to the intoxication of the blue sea, I have long felt that I can’t stand it. “Hey, this Yang En, but I met Miss Su so well, if I changed it to someone else, I would let him go!” “It’s not awkward, but I don’t blame him. Miss Su is going to do it again. Duck soup, I also get together!” “Ha ha ha ha ha, me too!” Yang En and Sumi are busy while listening to these people, my heart has their own taste. Yang En is embarrassed and grateful, and Sumi is thinking about how good it would be if he could have enough money to open a dessert shop. In the past, when I was in modern times, I had money and technology. I didn’t have time. Now I have time and no money. It’s really making people. When the dessert is about to go out, Liu Sheng is coming again. “Miss Su! Miss Su! Fast! The son wants to meet you!” Liu Sheng is running out of breath, not knowing why, these times are all his personal words, obviously there are so many small cockroaches can use. “Well, come.” Suomi lamented in her heart, her double skin milk just finished! This is good, it is estimated that it is cheap to give these people a bite. “Miss Su is going to leave a bowl for you here, just waiting for you to come back.” Yang En said quickly. “Yeah.” Sumi nodd

ce noisy wandering around! Hahahaha, is it just so? Well? He is still walking towards us… Hey, wait, I’m looking at that big guy a bit familiar? “Mei has a cognac in the same place, muttering: “I remembered it. This is the one who sneaks around in the ghost street of Ghost Street. What is Zhang, Zhang, Zhang?” Hey.” Xia Yi couldn’t help but smile, and said that it should be no worse. He looked up and the crowd in front of him spread out to the side, and the legendary ‘big gamer’ finally showed his true face. The man’s body is slender and straight, dressed in military uniforms, and the military uniform style is very similar to the uniform of the German officers during the Second World War. It looks like a forbidden desire, a walking hanger that is alive and kicking. As I walked closer and closer, a line of words appeared slowly on his head. [Xia Yihui’s Overlord] When I saw this word, Mei had almost fainted in the past. He subconsciously turned to look at the top of Xia Yihui’s head. [Zhang Qingyu’s Yu Ji] “…” Mei has a dry feeling and feels a little suffocating. . When the distance was only two or three meters, Mei did not dare to speak. He suppressed the convulsive expression on his face and even silently removed the hand pressed on his arm in the summer, only watching it quietly on the side. The man came to his eyes and finally stood still. The twilight was as dark as the ink, as if it had accumulated thousands of years of love, and it was extremely oppressive. Surrounded by a quiet scene, many people curiously rushed over here and whispered and whispered. Xia Yi replied, and suddenly reached out to the other side of the head and pulled the military cap he was wearing to the side. There were a lot of people’s exclamations coming from the side. Obviously, this offensive move shocked the surrounding people. They thought that Zhang Qingyu would resist the hand that opened the summer, but it did not. In fact, he not only did not resist, but even bowed his head slightly, so that Xia Yiyi could play with the m

r of frost. “Mother, what is Susie’s shop called?” When Sun Ye said here, he went back and asked Li Xiuqin. “Taste the food!” You, this child, can forget the name of the store every day from the moment, what is your memory? Li Xiuqin quickly cooperated with Sun Yeyi to sing and say. “To the right, the taste, Su Shi, is that the shop you opened?” Sun Ye nodded and turned to look at Sumi’s face with a “curious” question. It seems that it is really just a casual question, and there is no other meaning. “Since one day walks from the mouth of the food, how can I even have this?” Didn’t you understand the little things? I am just working for others. Where can I open a food shop in such a good place? Who gave me the money? “Sumi looks at Sun Ye and Li Xiuqin’s eyes as if they are looking at a mental retardation. Are these people completely treating her as a fool without a brain? Is this simple routine also going to come over? If this can be circumvented In the modern times, Sumi was afraid that he had already gone bankrupt. “Oh,” sister, you are polite, who doesn’t know the shop, you are the right person? Is it a big deal? A month’s work should be given to you a lot of money? I heard that Zhang Yuyu is not the one you brought into the shop?” Li Xiuqin stared at Sumi’s eyes and said with a smile. ☆, Chapter 208: Sun Ye’s plan is also a test of the flattery of Sumi. She wants to know that there are people in the village who say that Sumi can earn a few dollars in money a month. Whether things are true or not. “What do you want to say, can you say it directly? If you don’t want to say it now, I went into the house and went to sleep. Is there anything I can’t say during the day? This midnight, cold died. “Sumi “whispered” complained a few words, of course, and certainly kept the volume that Li Xiuqin and Sun Ye could hear. Sun Ye was fine, Li Xiuqin’s face was red at the time. After all, it was a woman, still a A woman who compares her face, if she hears Sumi, she will feel that she is not coming to Taiwan and feels that

left, the cave collapsed instantly. There is no doubt that if the three parties only delay a small meeting, they will be buried directly by the stones. An hour later, the wave of crawling species faded, and when everyone got out of danger, Xia Yiqi quietly approached the candle, and whispered: “Seed to me.” Xin Wen quietly nodded, and handed the serum to Xia Yi. The latter took the serum and took the serum at the fastest rate, putting a shot on the arm of the candle. When I saw the pulse of the injection of the scented candle in the serum, I was relieved when I was in the summer, and I dropped the syringe into the ruins. All this is quiet, just like the Mafia connector in the movie, naturally and inconspicuous. The person walking in front did not notice everything that happened in the back. He still said in his mouth that he did not know the language of any country, and even the siri translation could not keep up with his speed. After talking for a long time, the three people in the rear were in a low-sounding atmosphere. The man didn’t feel embarrassed. The dark poke was close to Xia Yi and he said a long sentence. Xia Yi did not hear the siri translation, and looked back. At this time, the road was getting wider and wider, and there was a faint light in the front. Xia Yihui finally saw the other side’s little face. Unlike the guess of the ‘youth’, this person is obviously younger, and the scorpion is still a male duck in the changing period. Under the faint light, his outline is also very deep. The high nose and the large parallel double eyelids of European and American characteristics. The scorpion is light olive green, the skin color is very white, and the white color is in sharp contrast with the dirt on the face. It looks like black and white. Chocolatey. From the face, this person looks a bit familiar, but Xia Yi did not care. Anyway, the face of a foreigner is almost the same as he looks, it is difficult to distinguish. The average person is consciously shut up at this time, but this olive-green-eyed for