t the soldiers understand what is called the order and develop a habit of obeying orders. At the same time, let them know that they are a member of the group in constant rehearsal. Now, for many reasons, there are not enough training cycles for the soldiers, and Lu Zhe’s order begins the most basic training. The red robe was far away, and Lu Hao said, “Why don’t you let us return home, go back to Yangli and mix and read, but when you have the opportunity, you can do it, and you will not have to eat or drink for a year or two. It’s awkward. When I came here, I became a farmer with black linen. I didn’t stand up and train and fight all day. I’m going to be damned by the damn godmother, and I feel like I’m not human. “Teacher?” Oh, it’s the instructor that Lu Zhe said, and those who are the pro-instance. In the face of Lu Hao’s constant complaints. Zhou Bo said: “By the way, we just took the bad luck and will be brought along by the way. People want Xiaoxian and Lu’s family.” Lu Hao wanted to say what he saw when he walked over and quickly shut up. To be honest, he really didn’t like to be a soldier on first reading. I feel that I am not free to do anything, even if I want to ask for urinating, I am not a human being. A person who came out of Yangxian, Pei County. Xiahou Ying became a hundred will, Cao Shen repeatedly made meritorious deeds Xi’an wedding car rental is five hundred masters, good teeth are also a long, only Lu Hao and Zhou Bo have not yet mixed One official and part-time. Xiao He? He was originally a county magistrate. At the time of Pei County, the batch of children needed to be tied. After they came to the South County together, Xiao He has always been a person, and I heard that it has become the general manager of the five counties. Complaining, constantly complaining, the more you mix, the more you like to complain. I feel that everyone seems to owe him. It is difficult to think about why others can get better and better. He is still an insignificant little person. “The baby has been promote

Jing too English and too vivid, Li Jingyi riding a horse, other portraits They all look a bit rigid, and there are still a few things! At first glance, it is like a general who leads a group of obscure followers. Fang Xuanling: “… Long Sun Wuji: “… Li Erxia: “… Junchen III Xi’an wedding car rental was silent. The author has something to say: Li Erxia: You look at the good things you do! ! ! Xiao Wangye: Nonsense! I am painting in strict accordance with the style of Xiaoyan! Update! Yesterday’s roast chicken! It is an unnamed shop! There seems to be no chain outside! Only my Xi’an wedding team has eaten! This week, Xiao Wangye does not have a Xi’an wedding car rental list! but! There are also readers list! Still in the first! thank you all! If there are still camps that have not been watered… (automatic silence) 126, Chapter 126 Li Yuanying finished painting, only to find that their internship plan was postponed for several days because of his retreat. So the next morning, Li Yuanying packed up and took the friends to the internship location assigned to him. Because it was not in the Guozijian, Li Yuanyingtang took the Xi’an wedding car rental service to the destination, and made a small team to the destination: Jixian. Jixian is west of Chang’an. Located on the edge of the Lishui River, it is a very good county town in Gyeonggi Province. The mountains are good and the soil is fertile. Li Yuanying has not been to this place. He is very excited along the way. This time, he has been accompanied by four girls and Ding Renjie. No way, Wei Wei and Wu Mei must follow him, and Cheng Yang certainly cannot be single. Since Jin Shengman also signed up, Dr. Ma also put Jin Shengman into his small team. Originally, five Xi’an wedding car rentals were responsible for the internship work in a county. However, a Xi’an wedding car rental with four little ladies was inevitably yin and yang, so Di Renjie was also divided. Jixian is not far from Chang’an, and is similar to Lushan. The team only took a small halfday to arriv

ulations on the ritual (object), and Lu Hao’s victory over Baiyue Gongxi (Yue), preparing for the rough national ceremony, and also asking Lu Hou to laugh.” Xiao He stood up and bowed to Lu Zhe: “My lord, Wei Hanji There are many gifts for the envoys, and they only come to the temple with a few words. Can you circulate them?” Lu Zhe said: “Biography.” In my heart, I was very uncomfortable with this rigorous and solemn etiquette. I hope to finish quickly. In fact, there is nothing special about it. Wei Han’s gift is nothing more than a jade-like thing. It depends on the size of the jade to create a wide variety of accessories, such as wishful, jade, jade, and official gifts. Some copper instruments, chimes, must be a set, the more complete, the more precious and grand. It’s a special thing to offer a chime, if you’re giving it together with the beautiful “Gang Ge” As a gift, the meaning is to get protection. The deeper meaning is “Let’s play, go with you, we will mix with you later, listen to your voice, offer our weapons and soldiers to listen to your dispatch”, probably It is such an implicit expression. In fact, this matter is in fact, Xiao He Xi’an wedding car rental and Zhang Liang, Wei Bao privately negotiated repeatedly, the two sides Xi’an wedding car rental reached an agreement, the difference is just to find a place as a meeting place, the highest leaders of the two sides personally When you meet, please come to a person with sufficient weight as a witness (endorsement), and the official covenant is truly determined. After the necessary formal process was completed, Lu Zhexian was sent to the food prepared by the early Xi’an wedding car rental. Zhang Liang and Wei Baohong, who were sitting at the Xi’an wedding car rental, said: “Mr. Zhang and Wei Xiang are not outsiders, they Refers to the civil and military under the shackles) I will not introduce it anymore, and there will be more and more in the future.” Smiled, a little inconsistent with the monarch’s pat on his stomach, “In order to wait for

al anger, the attack was extremely fierce, and he wanted to make a blue butterfly dress in an instant. Seeing the power of Wei Shimin, the beautiful tutor changed his face. On the other hand, the white metal alloy chopper was blocked by the metal stick in the hands of Yang. “铮”, the ordinary metal stick could not stop the alloy weapon, Yang was a light hand, and the metal rod was cut by the white metal alloy chopper. The second knife of White Europe followed. Among the four fugitives, Wei Shimin is the oldest and most powerful, and he is full of blows. Wang Fengyao saw the danger of the blue butterfly clothing, and turned around in the same place. The tail of the tail was re-exited. The body turned over a somersault in the air, and the long sword in the hand together with the tail of the tail. Seeing that he was about to kick the Wei Shimin who was hitting the blue butterfly suit, suddenly the abdomen was severely painful. This Wei Shimin was faster than her. When he slammed the blue butterfly, he could also split his hand and punched Wang Fengyao on the lower abdomen. Wang Fengyao screamed, feeling that the intestines in the lower abdomen seemed to be curled up together, falling heavily seven or eight meters away, falling to the ground, and sometimes it was so painful that he could not afford to struggle, but his heart was in danger. . Chapter 52 As soon as she was arrested, she was wearing a specially made treasure and protected her body. This only barely blocked Wei Shimin’s fist. Otherwise, the power of Wei Shimin’s fist can be enough for her life. On the other side, Bai Ou exhibited “Silver Eight Knives”, and even a few knives almost forced Yang to breathe. Suddenly, the eyes of the eyes saw Wang Fengyao being beaten, the blue butterfly clothes were injured, the combat power was attenuated, and then When I met Wei Shimin with a full blow, the situation suddenly became sinister. White Europe secretly screamed badly, and refused to attack Yang, then turned around and spurred the “speed sprint” again, bringi

fight back and heard the sound of the sound of gold. He also got a report from the Danyang armed forces attacking here, and he was worried. Outside the Chu army is about to pounce, after the Danyang people are killing, this is a partial attack, and the situation of Lu Zhejun’s western defending army is quite unfavorable. Fortunately, Mei Long urgently used the last reserve team. When more than a thousand soldiers died in the west of the Danyang people, more than a thousand Danyang people were bitten by the five hundred reserve teams. It was a pity that Xiang Zhu saw that the person who was supposed to be outside was bitten by Lu Zhejun and could not form a sniper with the troops outside. But now it seems There is not much difference. Here, part of Lu Zhejun’s Xi’an wedding car rental was divided. Xi’an wedding car rental could not block the Chu army that had been continuously engaged in combat. It was only a moment to see the west breakthrough. “Leave 5,000 people, the rest of the troops are all attacked!” When the shot is shot, the column also has a decisive side. How many Chu troops are attacking Lu Zhejun in the west? It is about 30,000. The Lv Zhejun, who is in charge of defending the west, only has a number of two thousand. Facing the number of disadvantages of fifteen to one and the reality of the separation of Xi’an wedding car rentals, as long as the Xi’an wedding car rental is back to the sky, only with the undivided The troops began to meet and support the reserve team, and then they retired. The recruits have a very obvious psychological characteristic, so that when they go to attack, they will shrink their hands and fear. However, once the situation is beneficial to the party, it will become a dragon. Seeing that Lu Zhejun is going to be defeated here, the recruits in the Kuaiji County suddenly found themselves very powerful. The mentality of the original shrinking hand was reversed, and they were able to scream and attack. The school Wei Jiang is one of the people surrounded by the division. He

o go over, what’s the harvest?” “Yes, great gains.” “Nanjing sauna smiled, “Wife, give me a glass of water, I am a little thirsty, I guess the mother’s name will be the biggest news in Jiangbei officialdom this evening. “However, tomorrow morning, it is estimated that the entire Jiangbei is talking about only one mother.” “Ah, do you say that you got good things?” Qian Xiaomei came to the interest and poured a cup of warm water into the Nanjing sauna. “Let’s go to her room?” “Forget it, the tigers are already asleep.” “Nanjing sauna drunk the water in the glass, put the cup in a meal, and looked back at the tiger lying in bed and slumbering, “Let Mom come over.” The doorbell rang. Qian Xiaomei walked over and opened the door. She saw Du Hanxiang standing in the door with a smile. “Xiaomei, is the tiger asleep?” “Mom, the tiger slept, and the Nanjing sauna came back.” Qian Xiaomei nodded and closed the door. The Nanjing sauna stood up from the bedside. “Mom, I got a lot of things. Tomorrow morning, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection will come down and arrest people, not just Peng Mingkun, but also the province.” A leader in the room. “Ah, Zhong Ji Commissioned to arrest people? Du Hanxiang was taken aback. “Let the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection come forward. Is this a little fuss?” “Mom, you don’t know. There is a lot of evidence that Guo Mingkun is corrupt, using power for personal gains, running officials to buy officials, etc. The evidence is in the pocket of the sofa.” The Nanjing sauna reached out and said, “However, Guoan found some information when he checked him today. Guo Mingkun has contact with some institutions outside the country, and there is a leader in Jiangbei Province…” Nanjing sauna simply said Under the circumstances, then, there was a bitter smile on his face. “Mom, it is not something we can control when we get to this step. What you have to do now is to use this opportunity to get the best results as soon as possible. “The provincial party committee gave me the

this time it was uncomfortable for the flower matchmaker. “Well. Yin Yin nodded, then looked at the flower motherinlaw, and there was a hint of hope in the eyes. The flower motherinlaw couldn’t find the square inch at the moment. “Yin girl went back first, waiting for me to think about it. Yin Yin down, look at the picture, isn’t it introduced to her? The uncomfortable entanglement of the ants is pouring out again. Finally, I just thank you for leaving. The flower matchwoman looks at that. The figure of the red fire and the fierceness of the road disappeared, thinking about Yin Yan’s words and staying for a long time. How is this good? She was squatting, sighing long and turning to pick up the portrait of the next case. “Flower motherinlaw. Suddenly there was a warm and low voice behind her, and her motherinlaw turned back and saw her car rental in Xi’an. She immediately opened her smile. “Hey, Yi Shaoye? Yi He An Shi Shiran a greeting to the flower motherinlaw, and after a few words with the flower motherinlaw, stepped into the topic, “Flower motherinlaw, this time I came to ask if there are other town girls. “You have to be other Town? Flower motherinlaw is surprised. Yi He’an listened to the sound, and frowned slightly, never care too much, still not too slow, “Exactly. “That… What standards do you have? The flower matchmaker asked tentatively. standard? There is really no standard for Yi He’an. Shi Xi’an wedding car rental is a common event in Xi’an wedding car rental, but to him, marriage is not due to a drunken bet. He licked his lips, and suddenly his eyes lingered, falling on the picture that the flower matchmaker could recover in the future. If you are shocked, you can swim. Yi Hean licked his lips and looked at the woman in the painting for a long time. I don’t know why there is another figure in my mind. His silent time made the flower matchter surprised, and looked along his line of sight. The heart that had just been silenced, screamed and jumped up, and planned to knock on it. “Easy Master, d

not in his body. Suddenly, he was counted, and Wang Tianzhao’s eyes widened, and his face was full of anger, and he was unwilling to look at Ma Shusheng. For so many years, although the two sides regard each other as the enemy of life and death, they always want to kill each other and then quickly, but they have not used the mean means, let alone the use of hidden weapons, which seems to be a tacit agreement between the two. An unwritten rule. It seems that both of them want to win the other side with the righteous and bright means, but they don’t want the last battle of this life. Ma Shusheng finally broke this ring and secretly killed the killer. “You” Wang Tianzhao is extremely angry. It seems that there is a kind of anger that is betrayed. “For the Majia Xi’an wedding car rental” Ma Shusheng suddenly arrogant, seems to suppress his anger and a little guilty inside. If it is only his personal enmity with Wang Tianzhao, he will not use despicable means, but their battle today is not only their personal disputes, but also the interests and survival of the two families. Wang Tianzhao suddenly understood his meaning, but just reacted, Xi’an wedding car rental is late. Ma Shusheng’s iron fist fell, and Xi’an’s wedding car was heavily bombed on his chest. Wang Tianzhao was arrogant, and his mouth was squirting blood, and the body heard the cracking of the bones. The exclamation of the Wang family’s children came from all directions, and the Ma’s disciples were in a state of excitement. “Grandfather Xi’an wedding car rental” Wang Fengyao exclaimed, the flower is eclipsed, the body trembled, almost fell. Ma Shusheng completely suppressed Wang Tianzhao, and another iron fist fell. This fist must completely break the enemies that have entangled most of his life. Under this fist, Wang Tianzhao’s head will be crushed and completely dead. Wang Lie instinctively rushed forward, wanting to block, just because of his ability and speed, Xi’an wedding car rental is late, can only watch Ma Shusheng’s iron fist will crush

turned to Lishui, where the distance was fixed. Yang is about two hundred miles away. Considering that Jibuna is a step-by-step, you want to maintain enough physical strength to participate in the battle at any time. At most, it will take six days to appear on the back side of the enemy in the north of Dingyang. “Qi Yan Xi’an wedding car rental no longer exists, then we are opposite to the 100,000 Qi Jun and Yan Jun?” Zhang Yan’s eyes are very bright, so they stare straight at the common. “If there is no mistake, before we receive the letter from Wang, the Xi’an wedding car rental person enters the opposite Qiyan camp plate,” The smile is very strong: “If the field is smart, it will accept the good intentions of my king. If the field is not accepted…” The Han army solved the Qi State and the Yan State. Only one legion must be left behind, and the second-line troops entered Qilu. The earth and the swallows maintain law and order, and the rest of the legions can enter the west line. If the field leave is not surrendering, hundreds of thousands of Han troops are approaching annihilation. The face is extremely complicated and asks: “So… the meaning of Hanwang is to let us retreat backwards, to lure the Hu people deeper, isn’t it?” A total nodded: “The meaning of the king is exactly what it means.”, he When I said these words, I was observing the blindfolded eyes. I clearly saw that the blindfolded eyes quickly contracted in an instant. Chapter 710: Fighting the Huns (5) The Qin army has been forced to retreat, leaving a large territory while many daggers have also been abandoned in the lost area. Now the local enemy area has not caused the county. Resources cannot serve the war, and the six or seven hundred thousand daggers in Shangjun cannot be used as an effective population. In fact, Qin Guo’s national strength weakened in such a short period of time to rely on the Han Dynasty, and he lost Ba County, Shu County, and Hanzhong County in a very short period of time. In addition, because of the expansion of the

old teams in their elite group. But how did the Platinum Wings just been established? The devout Is there so much difference between the guild and the wing of Platinum? In this way, they showed this in this battle of the city, and Can you achieve the intended purpose? The heart of the sand in the South has sunk. At the same time, on the side of the Platinum Wing, the Xi’an wedding car rental is also nervously paying attention to the ranking of the military power list. “President, the current military scores in the rankings are all too tight, and this ranking has not been fixed. I have been paying attention to this situation of the moon cake,” and, this aquarium invasion, what to hit Degree. Ni Wen took a look at the taskbar of the Xi’an wedding team. In the team mission, now their mission is to resist the aquarium attack. And she knows that after the current defensive battle is successful, the next task will become to seize the high ground and become a counterattack. At present, military power is calculated according to the monsters that are destroyed. After that, every time you grab a target point, you will bring a lot of military power. That is when the gap between the teams is opened. And Ni Wen has just handed out an elite strange Xi’an wedding car rental head, and suddenly heard a burst of exclamation on the field, looked up, a big move of the boss over there just happened to lose their direction. come. The reaction of Lingfeng Chenyang is very fast: “The six groups are retreating, and the four groups are going to the right! At this time, the most important thing for a command is to calm down. There must be a clear instruction. If at this time, simply say ” If you avoid it, it will easily cause the player to run around and a team will be scattered. How to effectively avoid and retreat is actually more important than how to organize an effective offensive. “President, you see, the grandsons of the devout guilds are about to lead the monsters in our direction. The mooncakes suddenly thrown to Ni Wen’s side at