eful. Tengzhou got the news from Jingzhong, knowing that Li Yuanying was beaten up, but he was very fast, and he was able to jump around. The Xi’an wedding car rental was safe and busy, ready to wait for Li Yuanying to come back and recite him again. One round. For Li Erzhen’s opportunity to leave Li Yuanying in Chang’an for the New Year, all the Xi’an wedding car rentals have been guilty for a while. Without Li Yuanying, the feeling is always different. Although Li Yuanying usually eats, drinks, and plays everywhere, it is undeniable that these Xi’an wedding car rentals are all because Li Yuanying is getting together. Although they have friendships with each other, there is no Li Yuanying. They will not be as harmonious as they are now. Li Erzhen is down, Hit it, and took the opportunity to cut off the Xi’an wedding car rental! Compared with Di Renjie and other Xi’an wedding car rentals, Li Erzhen’s mood is much better, and eating is more fragrant than in the past. He also did not forget that Gaoyang’s daughter was in Tengzhou, and he specially called Xi’an wedding car rental to pick up Gaoyang for the New Year. After that, I will go back to Tengzhou with Li Yuanying. Gao Yang was not very happy to go back. The life in Tengzhou was free and happy, and she didn’t want to go back to Chang’an. However, when Li Er’s Xi’an wedding car rental came over, Lu Zhaolan advised her to go back. The parents had a life, and the children had to go, not to mention that Li Er’s prince was the king of a country, and his words could not be violated. In some respects, Gao Yang’s temper is the same as Li Yuanying. These clichés don’t like listening to Xi’an wedding car rental. Gao Luan certainly does not like to listen, but Lu Zhaolin said that she would listen. She bit her lip and her bright eyes burned and looked at Lu Zhaolin: “When I go for a few months, would you miss me? Waiting for Lu Zhao’s neighbor response, Gao Yang said, “Lu Zhao, I will miss you!” After that, Gao Yang lifted the skirt and ran away. The